A safer lithium battery era Lithium battery partner

We’ll be there again in 2024!

With BYD blade batteries, Lunacy Lithium will lead the industry into a safer lithium era at this year’s Jinan Expo. Lunacy lithium batteries will certainly shine at the 2024 China (Jinan) exhibition site, setting off a new round of market offensive, and laying a solid foundation for a high market outbreak in 2024.

Ten years of splendor, creating the future together

Ten years, riding the wind and waves, ten years, sailing at the right time!

After ten years, Lunach Lithium has formed a lithium battery industry chain system, which consists of a Lunach power lithium battery PACK factory, an export electric motorcycle lithium battery factory, a BMS protection board factory, a lithium battery auxiliary material factory, and a case shell factory.

The products cover two-wheeled electric vehicle lithium batteries, three-wheeled electric vehicle lithium batteries, micro-electric sedan lithium batteries, low-speed new energy lithium batteries, export-type high-speed electric motorcycle lithium batteries, RV lithium batteries, lithium sanitation vehicles, as well as power exchange batteries, energy storage batteries, parking air-conditioning batteries, etc., and it is the main supplier of the first-tier electric vehicle brands in China, and the core adopts the first-tier brands such as Ninde era, BYD and other major brands of the core, and there are more than 50 sets of capacitance separation equipment in the company. Independent research and development of BMS lithium battery intelligent bluetooth protection board, with bluetooth connection, short-circuit protection mode, lead-acid direct charging mode, zero-voltage start-up mode, and many other industry-leading technology, product quality and stability, safety and durability, science and technology, intelligent, sales volume is far ahead of the lithium battery industry leader, the company adheres to the quality first, service first philosophy, leading the development of the lithium battery industry.

In the face of the next decade, Lunacy lithium-ion

Full of fighting spirit, not forgetting the original intention, we are ready to create another brilliant future.

In the face of the many pain points in the lithium battery industry, we will shoulder the important responsibility of leading the industry to turn to a safer and more durable high-quality lithium battery era.

Following last year’s exhibition in Jinan, which presented the unique brand vigor and product charm, Lunacy rode on the victory and won the favor of many dealers and users’ reputation in the market, we have always maintained a full of spirit of development, and worked with our partners to run out of the acceleration, seize the market opportunities, and comprehensively realize the expansion of sales and increase in volume. 2024, we continue to move forward, keep the original intention, and all the way through the wind and waves, and we firmly believe that in the future, with you all along the way, we will be able to create a brilliant future for you and your company. We firmly believe that in the days to come, with you galloping along, LUNACH Lithium will definitely create another brilliant future.

Lunach lithium battery sets a benchmark for quality, and gathers momentum for a new journey.

Lunacy lithium iron super phosphate BYD blade battery cell

Craftsmanship Quality Intelligent Manufacturing In September 2023, Lunacy Lithium Super Phosphate came on the scene, adopting the brand-new “BYD Blade Core”, whose obvious advantages and features have quickly captured the market, and which has passed the battery safety test. “Mount Everest” – needle puncture test, and successfully challenged the extreme strength test – 46 tons of heavy truck crushing test, with super safety, super smart, super durable and other characteristics, for the use of the battery to meet the seven safety dimensions of the battery to meet the charging and discharging of more than 3,000 times, not only to ensure that the user to use the safety, but also to meet the user’s It not only ensures the safety of users, but also meets the users’ driving distance.

The ceiling of lithium battery industry

During the exhibition, we will re-launch the same blade battery of BYD Rangoon U8, which is currently the highest-end blade battery, with 6000+ cycles, longer service life, and 14C discharge multiplier, which has more excellent performance.

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