The 90-Degree Rule for Golf Carts: A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Course

On the golf course, using a golf cart not only improves the efficiency of your game, but also makes it easier for you to enjoy the game of golf. However, when using golf carts, we need to follow certain rules to ensure the maintenance and safety of the course. Today, let’s talk about the 90-degree rule for golf carts to help you be more comfortable on the golf course!

  1. What is the 90 degree rule?

The 90-Degree Rule is a common rule regarding golf cart driving on golf courses. It requires players to drive the golf cart along the edge of the fairway first, and then drive toward the court at a 90-degree angle when it reaches a position perpendicular to the ball. This driving method can reduce the wear and tear of golf carts on the golf course turf and reduce the risk of turf damage.

  1. Why should we abide by the 90-degree rule?
  2. Protect the golf course turf: Frequent golf cart driving will cause wear and tear on the turf, affecting the beauty and maintenance of the golf course. Following the 90-degree rule, golf carts travel shorter distances and cause less damage to the turf.
  3. Ensure safety: Following the 90-degree rule can make golf carts drive more orderly and reduce the risk of collisions.
  4. Improve game efficiency: The 90-degree rule helps keep the court tidy, allowing players to focus more on the game and improve game efficiency.
  5. How to correctly follow the 90-degree rule?
  6. Drive along the edge of the fairway: Drive the golf cart along the edge of the fairway and avoid crossing the fairway.
  7. Turn when the cart is perpendicular to the ball: When the golf cart reaches the position perpendicular to the ball, turn into the court and drive to the position of the ball.
  8. When leaving the golf course, retrace your steps: After your shot, retrace your steps to the edge of the fairway, and then drive along the edge of the fairway to your next shot.
  9. Other matters needing attention
  10. Comply with golf cart regulations: Different golf carts may have different driving regulations. Please read the relevant regulations carefully before entering the golf course to ensure the correct use of golf carts.
  11. During special weather or course maintenance periods, the course management may prohibit or restrict the movement of golf carts. At this time, please follow relevant regulations to ensure the safety and maintenance of the course.
  12. Please pay attention to safety while driving and avoid driving at high speed or braking violently to avoid accidents.
  13. Please do not drive golf carts in special areas such as greens, bunkers, and water hazards to avoid causing damage to the venue.
  14. When driving a golf cart close to players and balls, please slow down as much as possible, stay quiet, and avoid disturbing other players.
  15. On the course, be sure to follow golf etiquette and respect other players and course staff.

The 90-degree golf cart rule is a key course maintenance measure designed to protect course turf, ensure safety and improve playing efficiency. While enjoying golf, please be sure to abide by the 90-degree rule and contribute to maintaining a beautiful golf course environment. Let us abide by the rules together and create a pleasant golf environment!

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