Qsen golf cart story–are chinese golf carts any good? Yes

QSEN (Quality Safe Efficient New) Golf Cart Manufacturer is a relatively new but rapidly growing company in the electric vehicle industry, specifically focusing on the design and production of high-quality golf carts. Here’s an overview of their story:

Founding and Vision

QSEN was founded in 2012 by a team of engineers and entrepreneurs passionate about revolutionizing the electric vehicle market, particularly in the realm of recreational and utility vehicles. Their vision was to create golf carts that not only meet but exceed the expectations of users in terms of quality, safety, efficiency, and innovation.

Core Values

The name QSEN encapsulates the company’s core values:

  • Quality: Committed to producing high-quality vehicles using the best materials and latest technologies.
  • Safe: Ensuring that every vehicle meets stringent safety standards to protect users.
  • Efficient: Focusing on energy-efficient solutions to minimize environmental impact.
  • New: Continuously innovating and incorporating new technologies and designs.

Product Development

We care about your concern:


Various style: golf course, personal transportation, or utility purposes models are available;

Power: More power,higher speed, less maintenance AC motor

Quieter, Environmentally friendly, Less maintenance;

Battery: China best lead acid battery Chilwee and Tianneng.

China best NCM battery

China best LiFePO4 BYD or Roypow battery can be chosen

LITHIUM-ION-POWERED Fast charging(full in 5-6 hours) Strong energy storage

Performance:  Independent suspension +Rear:corbel suspension

More comfort More Smooth


Market Presence


Commitment to Sustainability

QSEN is dedicated to sustainability. They focus on producing electric vehicles that reduce carbon footprints and promote eco-friendly transportation solutions. Their manufacturing processes are designed to be as green as possible, minimizing waste and energy consumption.

Customer and Community Engagement

QSEN actively engages with their customers and communities. They participate in industry events, sponsor local sports teams, and invest in community development projects. Customer feedback is highly valued, driving continuous improvement in their products and services.

Future Prospects

Looking forward, QSEN aims to continue growing and innovating in the electric vehicle space. They are exploring new markets and expanding their product line to include more versatile and advanced models. The company’s long-term goal is to become a global leader in electric recreational and utility vehicles.


QSEN Golf Cart Manufacturer’s story is one of innovation, quality, and commitment to sustainability. With a strong focus on safety and efficiency, they are well-positioned to continue making significant impacts in the electric vehicle industry. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and community engagement further cements their reputation as a trustworthy and forward-thinking company.

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